Resumes: $200 - $500 depending on the complexity of your project
IT Resumes: $250 and up depending on the complexity of your project
Standard Cover Letter: $25 - $75
T-Letter: $200 - $250
Bio: $150
Reference List: Up to three references $25; four+ references $50
Salary History: $25
Resume Update: Adding to or revising information in a resume that already has good format and content. $25 and up.

All assignments require payment in full to initiate the project. Original resume/work history must be submitted for review prior to final price quote.

Please remember that even the best resume cannot ensure a hire -- only your qualifications and skills can accomplish that. However, a well-prepared resume will dramatically increase your chances of being considered during the resume review process.

Good luck in your job search and I look forward to assisting you!